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Air freight is the most reliable and fastest way to transport goods across the world, mostly preferred in cases of emergency and when timely delivery of shipment is key,

At Heights Cargo we provide airport to airport and door to door air freight services with direct weekly flight from our warehouses in the UK to Kenya, and twice weekly from our China warehouse

Air freight shipment are billed at the higher of actual weights or volume weight

Is the most cost-effective mode of transport when consignment is extremely heavy, or bulky/voluminous, sea freight can be:

  1. Full load container loads (FCL),
  2. Less Than Container Loads (LCL)
  3. Roll On Roll Off (RoRo)

Usually, our client personally delivers all shipments to our warehouses in UK and arrange to collect the same from our warehouse in Kenya, however, where our client tight schedule does not allow for this, we can conveniently provide Door to Door services.

We arrange to collect your package from your address in the UK and delivered right at your doorstep in Kenya at a reasonable cost. Client will have to place their order via a call or email to our UK office goods)

Some shipment (dangerous and Hazardous) will require special packaging as per IATA regulations, sending them without proper packaging may lead to airlines rejecting the shipment, other times shipment may require proper package for safety (fragile goods) , Height Cargo will ensure your goods, for whatever reason, are packaged and transported properly to give you comfort


We will take care of your cargo and deliver them safe and on time
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